Well Here You Are….


Well hello there! So either you were drunk browsing or someone shared the link to this site with you. Either way, buckle up! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, for I have lots to share and things for you to think about. You don’t need to agree with me about my posts. All I ask is that you think. I know, it’s old fashioned, that thinking thing. But hey, give it a try.

72 Hours Per Day

For those of you that complain there is never enough time in a day, you are all wrong!  There are 72 hours in every day.  How could that be you ask?  Here is the math.  Today has 24 hours.  Today was yesterday’s tomorrow, so that’s another 24.  And today is tomorrow’s yesterday, so another 24 hours.

24 hours today
24 hours for being yesterday’s tomorrow
24 hours for being tomorrow’s yesterday

72 hours total for one day. And you thought I was crazy.


The Toilet Paper Pandemic

For me, the COVID-19 outbreak will always be known as the Toilet Paper Pandemic.  What the hell people?  Water – I get it.  Beans and rice – I get it.  Flour – I get it.  Canned goods – I get it.  Hell, I would even understand people hording liquor and popcorn or even toothpaste.  But toilet paper? Really?  Is everyone going to decorate their neighbor’s house with it?  Cuz you sure as hell can’t eat it. Toilet paper use doesn’t go up just because we are staying at home.  There may be a small shift in where the toilet paper is used but overall it’s the same amount.  There was plenty before all this and there will be plenty moving forward so just chill the hell out already. 

What does it say about us when toilet paper gets as much news coverage as the overall death statistics?  That’s pretty damn sad.  It seems as though the further society progresses, the more barbaric we become….


Einstein Was Wrong

Gasp! Guffaw! How dare you!  What?  Yes, I believe Einstein got some things wrong.  Like not being able to travel at or faster than the speed of light.  Which, by the way has nothing to do with light, so go figure.  When they refer to the speed of light, they are actually referring to the speed that EM (Electromagnetic Radiation) or commonly called “Radio Waves” travel through space. 

So what if there are other kinds of radiation, dark matter, quantum particles, gravity, esoteric particles, wormholes, or space herpes that travel even faster than EM?  I mean seriously, the entire universe(s) cannot be made up of just one type of radiation, wave or whatever you call it that we have not yet discovered or understand.  It is actually highly more likely that these things exist than don’t. 

Just something to ponder….